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Hilary Topper On Air

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Nov 20, 2020

Being a great salesperson is hard work. But one that thing that can set you apart from your competition is truly getting to know your potential clients/customers AND letting them get to know you.

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In this week's episode of Hilary Topper on Air, listen as Hilary interview Tim Healy, lightning round...

Nov 13, 2020

How long does it take to form a new successful habit? Some people say 21 days, others say 66 days – still, others think it’s even longer than that. But during this time of uncertainty, is now the right time to develop new habits for success – both personal and professional?

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In this episode of...

Oct 30, 2020

Do you love to read? What about romance novels? This billion-dollar and growing industry not only empowers women but offers hope when it’s needed the most!

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In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Jeannie Moon, award-winning, USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance...

Sep 25, 2020

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we live. Now more than ever, we need to hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst. That’s why it’s crucial to take the right legal steps to protect yourself to avoid a legal crisis during COVID-19 should you or your loved one get sick.

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Sep 18, 2020

In this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, meet Ron English as he discusses his new virtual exhibit, POPaganda.

Known as The Godfather of Street Art, Ron is one of the most prolific and recognizable artists alive. He is credited with graffiti's transition from a sub-cultural form of popular expression, to the...