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Dec 20, 2019

Have you heard the inspirational story of Gwen Jorgensen, CPA turned 2016 Olympic gold medalist?

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Elizabeth and Nancy Jorgensen. They are the authors of Go, Gwen, Go: A Family’s Journey to Olympic Gold.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Jorgensen received her undergraduate degree from Marquette University and her master’s from Carroll University. In 2017, she was named Carroll University’s Graduate of the Last Decade. Her memoir, co-written with Nancy Jorgensen, Go, Gwen, Go: A Family’s Journey to Olympic Gold, is available from Meyer & Meyer Sport. Jorgensen is published in the Journal of Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English and served as guest editor for the Fall 2017 issue. Other work appears in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Azalea (Harvard University’s Journal of Korean Literature & Culture), Wisconsin State Reading Association Journal, and elsewhere. Learn more at

About Nancy

A Wisconsin writer and musician, Nancy Jorgensen co-authored the 2019 memoir, Go, Gwen, Go: A Family’s Journey to Olympic Gold, published by Meyer & Meyer Sport. In alternating voices, she and daughter Elizabeth tell the story of Gwen Jorgensen’s path from CPA to Olympic gold medalist. Nancy earned a Bachelor of Music from Alverno College and a Master of Music from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. A high school choir director for many years, she is the co-author of two music education books. Her writing also appears in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Prime Number Magazine, Cagibi, Ruminate Magazine, Brevity and elsewhere.

About the Interview

Elizabeth and Nancy will discuss the inspirational story of Gwen Jorgensen. Gwen, a CPA turned the 2016 Olympic gold medalist and the family that supported her unconventional path to success. Hear about the secret world of Olympic training, professional coaching, international travel, sponsor funding, and anti-doping requirements. Discover what it takes to be the best in the world!

About Go, Gwen, Go: A Family's Journal to Olympic Gold

Narrated in alternating voices Go, Gwen, Go: A Family's Journey to Olympic Gold is an inspiring story. This memoir introduces readers to a young woman of modest athletic achievements who uses desire and discipline to attain the ultimate in sport: the Olympic gold. To contact Elizabeth or Nancy or learn more about Go, Gwen, Go: A Family’s Journey to Olympic Gold, visit and