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Oct 8, 2021

When you’re out competing in a race it’s always nice to see one of your fellow endurance athletes, especially your teammates, competing alongside you. You feel a sense of camaraderie and that you’re not in it alone. High-quality custom swimwear and apparel can make your team or organization stand out from the crowd!

About the Interview

In this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary interviews Nina Sadauskas, Founder of Delfina Athletics and Olympic athlete. Nina discusses why Delfina Athletics was founded. She speaks about who the apparel is made for and the newly launched collection called Toyko Lights. Nina also sheds light on the company's sustainability efforts.

About Nina Sadauskas

Nina Sadauskas is a three-time swimming Olympian from Bulgaria. She came to the US about 11 years ago to attend the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, where she also represented the swim team. Upon completing her swimming career after the Olympic Games in Rio, she joined one of the best-known triathlon companies in the US. After spending almost four years there, and shortly after becoming a mom, Nina decided to start her own business and founded Delfina Athletics.

Working hand-in-hand with the reputable Delfina Ltd out of her home country, she opened her own distribution in the US, establishing the brand as a premier custom gear supplier to aquatic teams and organizations.

Contact Delfina Athletics

Born out of the need for high-quality custom products for teams in the U.S., Delfina Athletics is the new ultimate one-stop-shop for all aquatic gear needs for swim clubs, high schools, and athletic organizations across the country and beyond. Modeling a new, progressive way of looking at swim gear and working with the reputable Delfina Ltd in Europe, the company prides itself on delivering superior products, impressive design work and exclusive service. Offering free custom designs, low minimum ordering quantities and exclusive team shops for each organization, Delfina Athletics is setting up new standards in the swimming community with performance products that are also rooted in the power of team-spirit, and in never forgetting the joy of the sport. For more information or to order custom swimwear and apparel visit For 10% off your order, use code: hilary10.