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Mar 2, 2019

Are you a parent? Do you worry about how to help your child get ahead and succeed in today’s fast-paced world? The latest findings from the Pew Research Center have the US in 38th place out of 71 countries when it comes to math scores and 24th place when it comes to science. And in 1990, the US ranked sixth in the world for its levels of education and health — 21 spots ahead of where it is today.

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Ben Parris, Owner of Ben Parris Tutoring. Ben is a New York State-certified award-winning educator. He is also a community outreach instructor and media trainer for NASA. With a background in business, science and English, he has done formal k-12 and corporate training for decades as well as informal education in the museum field and for the Walt Disney Company. He has worked with the National Science Advisor, BNL Director, top science challenge coaches, and top urban planners. As a Long Island community leader, he has planned, approved, and supervised additions to Museum Row, including the restoration of Nunley’s Carousel.

Hear from Ben on how to keep your child competitive in a changing world. Being competitive should never be about a fanatical need to win, but rather a character-driven, sustained drive to find a successful and comfortable life in a world moving at the speed of technology. It requires a skillset and a mindset that can be learned and needs to be learned in place of the bewildering and distracting environment that our children find themselves in, which can sink even the most promising young minds. Others are preparing themselves this way and you can’t afford not to.

Ben will discuss how education has been changing in recent years, what the consequences of those changes are, what can be done to correct the problems and keep pace with this changing landscape, and more!

To contact Ben or learn more about Ben Parris Tutoring, visit