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Nov 11, 2022

“…for anyone willing to undertake the seemingly impossible task of completing their very first triathlon, reading this book transported me immediately back to the blood, sweat, and tears I experienced as a first-time triathlete. I encourage anyone to push outside their comfort zone and reach for the stars.” In this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary speaks with Julie Moss, Ironman Hall of Fame and SATriathlon Hall of Fame inductee, author of Crawl of Fame, race announcer, and keynote speaker. Hear Julie's inspiring story and how it resonated with Hilary's own journey from couch to endurance athlete. Learn about Julie's current goals, her favorite races, and her advice for fellow triathletes.

About Julie Moss, Ironman Hall of Fame Inductee

In 1982, Julie Moss ran the Ironman triathlon for her college senior research project. Her idea was quirky, even crazy; only a handful of hardcore, highly trained enthusiasts competed in the little-known, 140.6-mile combination of swimming, cycling, and running. Julie brought no experience or appreciable training beyond running two marathons. She did bring a latent willpower that, the world soon found out, wouldn’t be denied. What happened next changed Ironman forever . . .

After becoming the unlikely leader during the marathon, the final leg of the Ironman, Julie fell and lost all bodily function fifteen meters (50 feet) from the finish. While on hands and knees, she watched her rival pass her. Thirty seconds later, she crawled across the line—stunning the millions who were watching on television. At age twenty-three, Julie became the instant global icon, and the public face of fitness and endurance sports — which exploded in popularity, partly because of her inspiration. That this young co-ed would represent such a new sport was unlikely. That she would inspire millions to change the courses of their lives in the three decades years since was unthinkable. Yet, it happened.

About Crawl of Fame

Crawl of Fame is the long-awaited release of her incredible story. Julie describes how she found her greater purpose while lying across the finish line at Ironman 1982 — and how that greater purpose as a woman, athlete, endurance sports symbol and, now, iconic figure has defined her life and inspired others since.

Several endurance sports athletes have written memoirs, but none have changed a sport so dramatically as Julie Moss. Now, readers will join the inner and outer journey of one of the world’s most impressive athletes, a woman who has already inspired millions — with millions more to come.