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Jun 19, 2020

Have you watched the show, Shark Tank? Ever wonder what it’s truly like for entrepreneurs that appear on the hit television show?

About the Interview

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Jono DiPeri and Jared Ward, Founders of the cutting edge recovery and pain relief technology company, MyoStorm – who was featured on Shark Tank in October of 2019!

Jono and Jared discuss their experiences on the hit television show, the outcome, and where MyoStorm and their revolutionary product, The Meteor, stands today. Also, hear what’s next for the company and what they learned from being on Shark Tank.

About Jono DiPeri

Jono has a BS in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University. During his studies he researched how vibration effects the human body. He founded MyoStorm in 2018.

About Jared Ward

Jared is an American long-distance runner. He qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics when he placed third in the marathon at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials. He finished sixth at the 2016 Olympics. He has a Masters degree in Statistics and is an adjunct professor of statistics at Brigham Young University.

About MyoStorm

MyoStorm’s vision is to enable people play their best, feel their best and live life to their fullest potentials. To accomplish this, we are dedicated to developing cutting edge recovery and pain relief technology that is backed by science and accessible to everyone. To contact Jono or Jared or learn more about MyoStorm and the Meteor, visit