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Mar 20, 2020

As an endurance athlete, do you stay away from sugar? Or is it part of your regular intake? Is sugar bad for your training and overall performance? What’s the truth about sugar?

About the interview:

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Kevin Hanover, Founder & Head Coach HBodyLab LLC.

Kevin will discuss sugar and how and when to use it in endurance sports. He will share the truth about what best fuels and athletes. Learn how sugar impacts your training, how much you should or should not consume, what purpose it serves and more!


Kevin was born & raised on the south shore of Boston, MA where he spent his childhood playing hockey, soccer, and skiing. He learned to find balance in his schedule early on as he worked multiple summer jobs & winter evenings throughout high school. He stayed on the east coast attending UVM majoring in early childhood development and coaching amateur skiers & snowboarders.

Post-college, Kevin found himself marveling at the big city and moved into NYC in 2005. In 2007 his roommate mentioned an ad for a private gym opening in midtown and Kevin immersed himself into the fitness industry spending long hours building his clientele. In 2009 he noticed a growing trend of endurance athletes that were coming to him with minor injuries that were also lacking strength & mobility. Thus HBodyLab was created. He then spent the next 8 years growing his business, mostly in small boutique cycling studios where the majority of endurance athletes in the city train, earning his stripes as an elite strength coach & helping endurance athletes reach their goals all over the world.

When his daughter turned two years old in 2018, he decided it was time to pack up and move the family to sunny Colorado. Currently, Kevin is loving mountain life & building business all over the world.

He is an ISSA certified elite strength coach with continuing education in sports nutrition, cycling & run biomechanics and fitness therapy. Kevin works with beginner triathletes, elite national trail runners, 70.3 world qualifiers, 140.6 Kona qualifiers, duathlon national & world championship qualifiers & ITU short course pro athletes. Kevin spent 2019 as a Team USA athlete and raced the ITU duathlon world championships in Pontevedra, Spain.

About HBodyLab

HBodyLab provides custom strength & endurance programs through Training Peaks & video clips that allow flexibility & a fully coached platform for athletes of all abilities. To contact Kevin or learn more about HBodyLab, visit