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Sep 17, 2021

Children’s books have always had a special place on bookshelves. They often act as the first window to a child’s new experience. They can teach life lessons, peak curiosity, and create fun for children of all ages. And, they’re an important educational tool for children to spark imagination, learn literacy, and see the world from different perspectives. But, what does the future of children’s books look like as we continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic?

About the Interview

In this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, I’m speaking with Michael Girgenti. Michael is an author and founder of Strawberry Pencil Magic - the future of original children's stories & content.

Michael Girgenti of Strawberry Pencil Magic discusses the current state of children’s books. He speaks to us about his vision of where he’s taking the industry. Listen as we chat about his classroom Zoom experiences across the US and learn what’s in store next for his new book brand!

From more books, new toys on the way, and jumping into animation, there is a lot to discover!

About Michael Girgenti

Michael Girgenti, a Chicago native, is a California creative and has published more than 15 children's books. To date, he has over a hundred in his archives and is still expanding. Exploring all creative platforms from music, film, and modeling, Michael is an entertainment specialist. He recently landed a Barnes & Noble global distribution deal. His new children’s book brand is ready to compete with all of the top children's book writers, publishers, and kids-oriented media companies. From the words of Michael Girgenti of Strawberry Pencil Magic, and his brand's trademarked slogan, “Look for the star!”.

Contact Strawberry Pencil Magic

Strawberry Pencil Magic is the future of original children's stories & content. Strawberry Pencil Magic will provide an ingenious alternative to the conglomerates in diversified multinational mass media & entertainment. To contact Michael or learn more about Strawberry Pencil Magic, visit