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Dec 1, 2023

Hydration is an essential aspect of athletic performance, enabling athletes to push their limits and reach their full potential. But what goes into creating the perfect hydration solution? In this episode of, Hilary Topper on Air - the endurance sports edition, Hilary speaks with David Balega, President and CEO of The Right Stuff.

David Balega and Hilary Topper talk about The Right Stuff

About the Interview

Listen as David sheds light on the inspiration behind its development, highlighting the need for a hydration solution that surpasses traditional options in the market. Learn about the science-backed advantages that make The Right Stuff stand out, emphasizing its role in combating dehydration and sustaining optimal performance during intense physical activities. Hilary and David discuss the key ingredients or components found in The Right Stuff hydration. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of how these elements contribute to the solution's performance-enhancing qualities, adding a layer of transparency to the product. David also shares guidelines and recommendations for usage, ensuring that athletes can maximize the benefits of this innovative hydration solution.

About The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff, led by President and CEO David Balega, stands at the forefront of sports hydration, committed to reshaping how athletes approach performance fueling. With a focus on science-backed innovation, The Right Stuff offers a hydration solution that transcends conventional options, empowering athletes to achieve peak performance. Rigorous scientific studies support our formula, providing transparency about the key ingredients that set us apart. Trusted by notable athletes and sports teams, The Right Stuff is versatile, catering to individuals across various sports and disciplines. To learn more about its unparalleled hydration solution and to place an order, visit