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Mar 19, 2021

What makes a good business leader? What leadership skills do you need in order to successfully manage teams and/or a business in order to thrive?

In this week's episode Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary speaks with Thomas Steding, author of the newly released book, Real Teams Win: What Smart Leaders Need To Know Now About Achieving Performance.

Tom will give us an overview of his book, who the intended audience is, why people should read it, and key takeaways. He’ll also discuss what he calls the New Leadership Model and a top-to-bottom blueprint. Finally, he’ll speak on the characteristics and thought processes that all good business leaders have.

About Thomas Steding

Tom Steding has been CEO of more than 12 high-tech companies and active chairman of several others. The highly respected Silicon Valley turnaround expert has seen firsthand that the leadership skills that can take an organization from poor to peak performance and outdistancing its competition were not taught in business schools or management seminars or even as a part of the leadership conversation. Real Teams Win, his new book, is the culmination of his four decades of high-impact methods that offer real change from within the organization with real results – that work really fast.

About Real Teams Win

Real Teams Win provides a full cycle, top-to-bottom Blueprint for achieving breakthrough results as the New Leadership Model. Based on his Silicon Valley experience including as CEO of over a dozen startup companies, the author offers a comprehensive framework and toolkit to bring creativity, insight, and meaning to the workplace. Using proven principles, practices, structure, and processes, Real Teams Win provides new pathways to inventive ideas, newly designed products, and unique visions.  It blends theories drawn from strategy, economics, neuroscience, organizational development, literature, psychology, and mythology to define an environment that is collaborative, creative, agile, supple, non-oppositional, and courageous. Real Teams Win describes how to create the connected team driving creative collaboration for both high performance and enhanced quality of experience and is available for purchase here: