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Mar 23, 2019

Property taxes can be extraordinarily expensive, especially with Long Island’s high tax rates compared to the rest of New York. While property taxes are needed to pay for services, and it is fair that they are charged to residents, you should never be expected to pay more than your fair share of taxes. So, how do you challenge your tax bill and save money?

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Jeff Gold, Managing Partner at Gold Benes, LLP.

Jeff's Background

Jeff is a graduate of the State University at Binghamton and Fordham Law School. He is the managing partner of Gold Benes, LLP, a 12-attorney law firm in Bellmore New York. Jeff is a former member of The Nassau County Board of Assessors, as well as a former Commissioner of the Nassau County Civil Service Commission. For the past 17 years, Jeff has lectured across the County on a wide variety of subjects related to assessment, reassessment and tax grievance issues.  He is the Founder and Administrator of one of Nassau County’s largest and most influential Facebook groups ­ Nassau Grieve Your Tax Assessment Free ­ where he answers assessment and grievance related questions for the group’s nearly 25,000 members.

About the Interview

Jeff will discuss the countywide reassessment. He will talk about the need for reassessment and its purpose.  Jeff will also explain why residents should grieve their tax assessment this year, even if they think the County has accurately assessed their property. In addition, he will show how simple it is to file on your own.  Also, Jeff will speak about the class action lawsuit filed against the County, and his 25,000 member Facebook group.

About Gold Benes, LLP

Gold Benes, LLP is a full service Bellmore based law practice.  The firm has become well known for handling Nassau County tax grievances for a flat rate of $250 rather than taking a percentage of any reduction received. To contact Jeff or learn more about Gold Benes, LLP visit