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Apr 8, 2022

In order to maximize sports performance, athletes need the right nutrition to fuel their bodies and recover well. But how do you fuel your body to increase your sports performance?

About the Interview

In this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary speaks with Gary Jomrich, established endurance athlete and co-creator of TrainingMeals - an app-based solution for smart and effective nutrition and supplement planning for athletes. During the interview, Gary discusses how athletes can fuel their bodies to increase their sports performance and his new app, TrainingMeals - essentially a sports nutritionist on your phone.

About Gary Jomrich

A professional in the all-natural and organic foods sector and a vivid age group triathlete Gary Jomrich always struggled with nutrition during training and at his races. After meeting his wife Klara, a nutritionist, she took over his coaching. Not only did Gary become a better athlete but using correct nutrition made him enjoy endurance sports even more. The idea was born to share Klara's expertise and how other athletes can fuel their bodies to increase sports performance too. So, they created a platform that would allow the implementation of nutritional planning based on an athlete's physiological and training data. Gary's expertise in the food industry and experience as a triathlete help a bit as well.

About TrainingMeals

TrainingMeals provides a complete web-based solution for smart and effective nutrition and supplement planning for athletes of all different sports, training seasons, physiological circumstances, and training. We're athletes and health nuts, and we are passionate about helping motivated individuals to achieve their goals. We are our own customers - we use TrainingMeals in our own training and racing every day. We are proud of the unique work environment this has created. Every one of us, beginning with our chefs to developers and graphic designers, is enthusiastic about our product. This passion ensures that work rarely gets boring, and we all move towards better results for their staff, their athletes, and their shareholders. For more information visit