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Dec 11, 2020

On today's episode of Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary talks with Donna Drake of the Donna Drake Show: Live it Up! Donna is an inspiring person who moved to New York from St. Louis. She talks about her journey and thoughts about Long Island. She also talks about her new set and direction of The Donna Drake Show which is seen throughout the country on the CBS affiliate. It also appears on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The full episode appears on

In addition to her move and the TV show, Donna talks about her philosophy, "It's raining greatness every day so I don't save for a rainy day."

Donna talks about what types of guests she has on her show.

Hear what Donna did when COVID-19 struck us in March and find out some other things about Donna that you may not know.

About Donna:

Donna Drake is an international award-winning creative artist, writer, producer, actor, and influencer. She is the creator and host of The Donna Drake Show: Live It Up!, a weekly 30-minute TV, and digital talk series. The Donna Drake Show, produced by Drake Media Network, Inc. is a two-time Telly Award winner, and her focus on hope motivation and resilience through empowering conversations.

In 2020, The Donna Drake Show celebrated 12 years on-air interviewing celebrity entertainers, sports legends, top journalists, business moguls, authors, health and wellness professionals, beauty and fashion icons, chefs, non-profit groups, and everyday heroes sharing their stories of triumph and perseverance.

How to get in touch with Donna:

You can reach Donna at or you can find her on Facebook and YouTube.