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Jun 26, 2020

An Ironman with no training? For those of us new to the sport, or even for seasoned triathletes, we’re always looking for an interesting take on the triathlon experience including the training, the culture of the sport, or anything that inspires us to do better and laugh along the way!

In this Episode

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Will McGough, travel writer at Wake and Wander Media and author of the new book, Swim, Bike, Bonk: Confessions of a Reluctant Triathlete.

Will McGough decided to sign up for an Ironman, without training or ever seeing an Ironman event.

Hear from Will as he discusses the concept for his book, the training he endured, his ultimate race experience and his takeaways from it. Listen as Will explains how he immersed himself in a sport he had no business trying. Will shares anecdotes of his participation in, around, and over the course of one of the world's premier triathlons, the annual 140.6-mile Ironman in Tempe, Arizona. He will explore the cult and habits of the triathlete community and his firsthand attempt to conquer the ultimate endurance sport.

About Will McGough

Will has been a full-time travel writer since 2010, a nomad-at-large and travel columnist, penning profiles, features, and dispatches from afar. His “wake and wander” travel philosophy embraces a curiosity about the way people live their lives in different parts of the world. Will enjoys the idea of waking up every day to new opportunities, new landscapes, and the new feelings that the former inevitably evoke. He enjoys being outside. Will has written stories for major travel publications around the globe, including Forbes, Conde Nast, Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal, the Travel Channel, AFAR, Backpacker Magazine, REI, Popular Mechanics, Alaska Airlines, Travel Pulse, the Brewer’s Association, and many others. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech and published his first book, Swim, Bike, Bonk, in November with Lyons Press.

To learn more about Will you can find him at or to purchase his new book, Swim, Bike, Bonk, visit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and more!