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Dec 23, 2021

Women often face unique challenges on their path to long-term career success. How can you embrace your leadership role and excel at it in order to achieve a seat at the table?

About the Interview

In this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary speaks with Ellen Snee EdD, Author of Lead: How Women In Charge Claim Their Authority. Learn about Ellen's experience as a former nun, her research at Harvard University, and her professional experiences. Hear how she used that background to help other women learn to become effective leaders and then take that advice and author her book.

About Ellen

Ellen has been at the forefront of women’s leadership development for more than 25 years. Her original research at Harvard University on women’s experience in roles of authority formed the foundation of her company’s with Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Goodyear, Marriott, Pfizer, and Schwab. Later, as Global VP of Leadership Development at VMware, she launched its business initiative, VMwomen, to attract, develop, advance, and retain talented women.

About Lead: How Women In Charge Claim Their Authority

During Ellen Snee’s eighteen years as a Catholic nun, she gained a number of essential—and, happily, transferable—skills: how to discern a call or deep desire, how to work collaboratively with other women, and how to be a savvy operator within male hierarchies. In Lead, she draws on that knowledge—as well as lessons learned and insights gained from her Harvard dissertation on psychological dimensions of authority for women, two decades of work with executive women as CEO of Fine Line Consulting, and five years as VP of Organizational & Leadership Development at VMware, a global technology leader—to address the exercise of authority by women.

Lead guides readers through specific challenges of leadership Snee has identified as most vital to success through her own corporate experience and consulting work: developing resilience, presenting with authority, gaining financial literacy, managing in every direction, and more. Throughout, Snee urges women to find and speak with their unique voice and claim their personal power. Full of illuminating personal and client anecdotes and surprising research insights, Lead is an accessible, instructive, and empowering road map. To learn more about Ellen and her book, Lead, visit