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Jun 10, 2019

Riding a bike 20 mph feels fast. Sometimes, as a cyclist or triathlete, you find yourself going in excess of 35 mph, but could you imagine riding your bike at 183+ MPH? Could you imagine the lightning speed you would have to endure to get to that speed on a bike?

On this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, meet the fastest cyclist in the world, Denise Korenek. Denise is the CEO of Rancho Santa Fe Security Systems and two-time Guinness World Book Record Holder – Project Speed / Team FireCycle

About Denise

Denise broke the overall Paced Bicycle Land Speed Record in September 2018 by riding her bicycle 183.9 mph! This broke the 23 year long held men’s record by 17mph!  She is a mother of three. Denise is also the second generation CEO of her family security business in San Diego California.

About the Interview

During the interview, she talks about the experience. She discusses how to physically and mentally train for an event like this.  And you’ll learn what she plans on doing next!

On Hilary Topper on Air, Denise Korenek will speak about the barriers and obstacles that she faced in order to become the fastest cyclist in the world, and how she was able to overcome them.

“She is truly an inspiration,” said Hilary Topper, host of the show.