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Jun 13, 2019

Does work hurt? Are you unhappy at your current job? Do you want to make a change, but don’t know how? What can you do to start healing your relationship with work?

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Rebecca Le Vine, a work relationship healer and author of, “Work Hurts – 3 Steps to Healing Your Relationship With Work.”

Rebecca's Background

As a Talent Acquisition specialist for nearly 20 years, Rebecca developed unique insight to the causes of work dissatisfaction and how people respond to it. With it, she developed a system to change that dynamic and, in so doing, transformed her own career. Now, for the last ten years, Rebecca has used that proficiency to help others do the same. Unlike most career counselors, she takes a holistic approach to career satisfaction that aligns your desires, needs, talents and spirit. She is a Work Relationship Healer, helping women in management experience joy, fulfillment, inspiration & prosperity through a healthy relationship with work.

About the Interview

If you are unhappy at work or if work hurts, it’s time to talk about the pain you feel and understand what is causing your pain.  It is also time to make it stop hurting and heal your relationship with work. A holistic approach, focusing on your gifts, desires, needs, and spirit, will help you have a healthy relationship with work.

Rebecca discusses why we keep the secret of work hurt. How it doesn’t serve us or meet our needs. She talks about why work hurts and how we are not working in alignment with our gift and talents. She even touches upon why we need to talk about the pain in order to create lasting change, move away from it and see possibilities ahead.

About Rebecca Le Vine

While Work Relationship Healer is Rebecca’s chosen title, she is a Career Consultant and Coach helping women in management make work, work for them. Her clients get confidential, one-on-one counsel, in a process that heals, plans, motivates and inspires. To contact Rebecca or learn more about her new book, Work Hurts, visit