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Oct 6, 2023

What does inclusivity in triathlon mean to you, and how do you envision the future of this sport? Hilary talks with USAT

On this episode of Hilary Topper on Air - the endurance sports edition, Hilary interviews Tim Yount, Chief Sport Development Officer, and Chad Cunningham, Club Program Manager, both from USAT, the USA Triathlon. Tim and Chad are instrumental in shaping the world of triathlon in the United States. Join Hilary and she asks them about their insights and experiences regarding the vision for inclusivity, community, and the future of the sport.

About the Interview

USAT, with its mission to inspire and support triathletes of all levels, offers a range of empowering programs and resources. Inclusivity and sportsmanship are at the core of triathlon's spirit, and USAT is committed to promoting these values. Triathlon is a sport that continues to evolve, and USAT is at the forefront of driving innovation. USAT's commitment to supporting athletes extends to young talents. Tim and Chad speak about the initiatives and programs that USAT has in place to nurture the next generation of triathletes, ensuring a bright future for the sport.

About Tim Yount

Tim Yount, who serves as the Chief Sport Development Officer at USAT, has a pivotal role in shaping the world of triathlon. During the interview, he shares his inspiring journey and what motivated him to become deeply involved in the sport at a leadership level. His story is a testament to the passion and dedication that drive the individuals who work tirelessly to elevate triathlon.

About Chad Cunningham

Chad Cunningham, as the Club Program Manager at USAT, plays a crucial role in fostering a sense of community among triathlon clubs. He discusses how these clubs contribute to the growth and inclusivity of the sport and provides insights into the ways USAT supports its development and activities. It's clear that triathlon clubs are at the heart of building a strong and supportive community.

For more information about USAT (USA Triathlon) and to stay updated on their initiatives, programs, events, and resources designed to support triathletes of all levels, you can visit their official website at