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May 27, 2022

Street art and street artists have long been the documenters of history and culture. In the past two years, this especially rings true as we faced the COVID-19 pandemic, the BLM Movement, political turmoil, climate change, the War in Ukraine and so much more.

About the Interview

In this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary speaks with Jeff Jaffe, Founder and Owner of Pop International Galleries, an art gallery on The Bowery at the junction of Spring Street in New York City. Hear from Jeff about how in times of social injustice and unrest, Street Art has always provided a snapshot of what our country is feeling like as a whole while amplifying marginalized voices. Listen as Jeff breaks down street art today and what he predicts for the future. Also hear an update on his gallery and what's coming.

About Jeff Jaffe

Jeff came to the USA in the early 80's after leaving South Africa during the apartheid years. He earned an MFA in sculpture from the Cranbrook Art Academy near Detroit, and eventually set up a studio and settled in New York City, where he has lived and worked in the visual arts ever since.

Straddling the art world, both as a gallerist and as an artist, Jeff believes he has developed a keen understanding of what collectors really want and need.

Over the years, Jaffe remains struck by a few things that are constant at POP. Through the relationships the gallery forges and the reputation POP continues to build, the collections the gallery helps grow, tend to remain with people for many years...sometimes even generations. He truly believes that what Pop does, adds value and substance to their lives in both subtle and profound ways, and consequently, he remains convinced that as families grow, so should their art collections!

As POP is now into its third decade of operation, Jeff Jaffe is humbled and deeply grateful for the unwavering loyalty and continued support of Pop International Galleries collectors and friends the world over.

About Pop International Galleries

As a New York City gallery, Pop International Galleries recognizes that the heart of our city thrives on its creative community. New York is home to some of the greatest artists, art collectives, museums and galleries in the world; but none of this could exist without all of the unstoppable, generous and resilient people who make up our incredible city. We may be currently socially distant, but make no mistake, we are ONE CITY!

To quote the curators: “POP may be a small business, but we always aim to make a big impact. Please spread the word to support the arts and to make a difference for those who so desperately need our help!”

Founded in 1997 by Jeff Jaffe, Pop International Galleries - aka "The Pop Gallery" - is an exciting art gallery on The Bowery at the junction of Spring Street in New York City. Pop International specializes in Pop Art, Urban Art and art and photography that is derived from, or influenced by, popular culture.

To contact Jeff or learn more about Connect For Cause and Pop International Galleries, visit