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May 24, 2019

Are you a fan of pop art? Do you love Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, and Banksy? Want to start your pop art collection, but not sure where to begin?

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Jeff Jaffe, Owner, and Founder of Pop International Galleries.

Jeff’s Background

Jeff came to the USA in the early ’80s after leaving South Africa during the apartheid years. He then earned an MFA in sculpture from the Cranbrook Art Academy near Detroit, and eventually set up a studio and settled in New York City where he has lived and worked in the visual arts ever since.

Straddling the art world, both as a gallerist and as an artist, Jeff has a keen understanding of what collectors want and need. Through the relationships Pop forges and the reputation it continues to build, the collections they help grow to tend to remain with people for many years…sometimes even generations. What they do adds value and substance to their lives in both subtle and profound ways, and consequently, he is convinced that as families grow, so should their art collections!

About the Interview

Hear from Jeff on how Pop International fills a much-needed niche in New York, as it is the only street-level gallery with this unique, fun, and important focus. Discover the diversity and depth of Pop’s inventory and why it makes it an excellent springboard for younger people to begin collecting. Learn how Pop serves as a dynamic source for more seasoned and experienced collectors.

Jeff will discuss collecting – fears and tears. How to buy what you love, but only if you can afford it. When not to buy for investment, especially if you are starting. Learn how to develop a relationship with a reputable art gallery/dealer to build a collection. And, discover how Pop is continually finding new artists to represent and listen as Jeff explains the next art movement.

About Pop International Galleries

Pop International Galleries strives to de-mystify the art buying experience. They aim to facilitate a uniquely fun art buying “event” that brings world-class artists, in an ethically managed, relaxed and accessible environment, to collectors from around the globe. To contact Jeff or learn more about Pop International Galleries, visit