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Dec 18, 2020

Everyone from a high school competitor to a professional athlete, to a weekend warrior, to the osteoarthritic, and the accident-prone eventually asks that all-important question: R.I.C.E. or heat when injured? Or maybe it’s both? Finally, anecdotal treatment is giving way to scientific evidence. And you might be surprised by the findings!

About the Interview

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Donna Cantrell PT, DPT. Tune in as Donna talks to us about sports injury treatment options, R.I.C.E., what works, and the science behind why.

About Donna Cantrell

Dr. Cantrell is an NYU graduate and has a physical therapy career that spans four decades. Though versed in geriatrics, back school, and pulmonary rehabilitation, sports medicine has been at the core of her practice for the past 30 years. Whether treating professional athletes (such as the New York Islanders), high school competitors, or weekend warriors, a healthy return-to-activity has been at the core of the treatment she provides. Recently, she has folded her passion for sports and the special needs community by touring the globe providing health screenings for the Special Olympics World Games. A late-in-life runner, she has now become her best client. Blogging at Post 50 Rx is an opportunity to share the current evidence-based guidelines for health and fitness.