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Jan 4, 2019

Since running more than 22 marathons and over 75 ultra-marathons Craig Slagel has designed an application that brings running technology to the next level. Craig is the Founder and CEO of Leaping Coyote, a Vancouver based company that creates mobile applications to promote health and fitness with innovative projects that push the envelope in game design, technology, and storytelling.

The company founded RunGo; an application designed the help users with their daily fitness routine. The application offers runners with a unique experience, by allowing them to make their own routes as well as follow them with turn-by-turn voice navigations. The application also offers runners with the opportunity to find other routes within major cities such as Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angelos, Boston, New York, Chicago, London, UK, and Sydney, Australia.

Want to know more? Tune into this episode to learn all about Craig’s unique story and how to discover new places to run! 

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